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Ok, it’s a problem, one I must confront, and its best to get these things out in the open. Really won’t do much good just bottling up all this raw energy and emotion. No good at all… Right. So what’s wrong with me? What’s my ghastly, abhorrent and slightly absurd psychological deviance? Well… I love theme tunes. There, I said it! Happy now!?

It’s an obsession I’ve had to contend with since before I can remember. I do remember once when I was probably no bigger than Shula is now - probably about 5 or 6 - the radio was on in the car as we sped down a hilly coastal road. At once I recognised the tune, ‘twas the friends theme tune. ‘I’ll be there for you – The Rembrandts’. I listened, enjoying the faint familiarity that I hardly got out of the radio in a time before I paid much attention to music.

Just at the point in which - 48 seconds in – I was expecting the song to finish, in an unprecedented move, the lead singer improvised himself a second verse, my heart beat faster, what was going on? The tempo slowed, this was unfamiliar territory… The new lyrics flew at me faster than I could handle, I sat their, strapped to my seat, excitedly tapping the rhythm, was that a guitar solo!?

When I look back on it, I understand where the excitement came from. Every episode on every show, what you hear is this minute long song, this sample, like you’re looking in a sweet shop window, knowing full well the shop owners run off to Greece with his 20-something assistant. What if you tried the sweetshop door? What if it was unlocked? It’d be amazing, and on a similar level, every time I hear a theme tune in full, I’m amazed.

Its guess it’s a kind of voyeurism, I’m listening to something that you don’t usually hear. Did you know that the Grandstand theme tune, that pompous trumpet number is cut in the middle with a electrifying guitar solo, sounding somewhat similar to my house alarm? You probably didn’t. You’ve probably never heard my house alarm :P

So anyways, yeah, that’s it. I love theme tunes, and damn it I’m proud!
Current Music: Take a wild guess...
Woke up this morning to find the three manic street preachers albums i'd ordered on the mat (hence the title). Well they weren't really on the mat, minipeck woke up before me so he'd put all the post on the side, poor sod, no one ever sends him letters...

I've only ever stolen Manics albums from the library before so i figured i'd splash out and actually purchase music legally.

After i'd listened to the first 5 seconds of every track, just to see which ones i knew and which ones i didn't, i copied em all on to the PC and loaded up oblivion. Still crap performance-wise, its like playing in slow motion, not in a cool Max Payne way, more like is a shitty way. The second i saw a fire atronach i knew i was screwed, they're basically an enemy made of particle effects, my graphics card acknowledges their existance but really doesnt know how to handle them, so i ran into the nearest empty room and quit off. Kvatch will have to remain in enemy hands for now...

I walked the long walk to Shula's house, sweating like a man twice my size in the midday sun. I've got into a routine of leaving a top there when i go, for just such a persperational emergency. At 4 i was at work. 5 hours of cleaning rooms, stealing medical supplies (such as biscuits) and spotting graffitti written by us, the housekeeping staff. "You have to be this tall to ride the cupboard" being one of my favourites.

And tomorrow i'll do it all again!
Current Music: Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible [10th anniversary)]
03 April 2006 @ 09:35 pm
My first real post. I've already said what ive done today on Shula's LJ. So...

What am i up to? I hear you cry. Well: I'm sat here listening to Garth Brooks, a little too loud. I have an unhealthy liking for country music.

I have my feet propped up on a chest of drawers. I glance up every so often, theres a bookshelf precariously placed on top of it, almost willing me to push with my a feet a little too hard.

Thats it really, when i've typed this i'll probably load up oblivion, or read some crazy article on wikipedia. Welcome to my world...
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Garth Brooks - Callin' Baton Rouge
20 February 2006 @ 11:12 pm
I was falling asleep in economics, and when i came to my senses i'd written a verse.

Hippies’ heads burn brightly coz they never wash their hair
Economics masters’ anarchism argued with a flair
For individuality and a market laissez faire
He doesn’t really believe this shit
And I don’t really care. 

It pretty much sums up that hour of my education.